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I've been working I figured I'd return with a bang today, since I'm off.

So, if you have ever been curious about what an adult webcam model does, here's your chance to ask!

le JOS 0.9.0 adds webcam support, and you can read more about it in Lawrie’s tutorial here: I figured I could do one better, and capture files from the webcam, convert them to JPG and then use the Dropbox Core API to upload them into my Dropbox account. I’m assuming you’ve connected your EV3 to your Dropbox as I explained in this tutorial.

Le JOS 0.9.0 release added basic webcam support; only one webcam is supported and the images are returned in YUYV format. This little program will capture an image from the webcam and convert it to JPG format and then save it into the directory snapshots/with an incrementing filename.

Although many folks working from home wear pajamas during the day, overly casual dress make for less credibility.Sadly two chicks died shortly after hatching, but two healthy chicks were raised – 2AN (female) and 2AM (male).Both juveniles have now set off on migration, 2AN on 29th July and 2AM on 20th August.In this project I use a cheap webcam connected to the EV3 to take a photo and upload it into my Dropbox account. It’s a wireless digital camera using the EV3 and Dropbox!

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