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Discovered by a talent manager during a choir performance at the First A.

Read more » Notably cute little performer who made his feature debut in the popular 1994 version of "The Little Rascals" playing Buckwheat. He landed his first steady job by joining the cast of the hit sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" during the 1994-95 season.

His real name is Ross Bagley and he’s a grown man now.

It’s like really embarrassing to watch, and i don’t want to act any more.” But!

Under the Who I’d Like to Meet section, it says, “I’d love to meet up with Bug again, and orlando bloom, billie-joe.” The Big Green Day?

After his childhood acting days were over, Ross pretty much disappeared from the scene and became a man away from the lights and cameras. For the record, I wanna keep this thing fair and state that I actually think Stacey is an intelligent, smart…well, a book ?

During that time, he discovered a new passion, one that is the total opposite from the Hollywood scene and Ross seems to be diggin’ every minute of it… When Dick Gregory (born Richard Claxton Gregory) passed away on Sunday, August 20, 2017 he left a wonderful legacy behind that will always be remembered by millions. READ MORE Marsha Ambrosius has always made men swoon but apparently, she isn’t the only heartthrob in her family.

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Each has its own perks, while television is really cool because of the steadiness of work, and gratification of a finished product every week, film also has its benefits like the possibility of being apart of something huge, that will most likely be seen in international markets.

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