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This week, we’re pairing up the true (and false) loves of Emily Thorne’s life: Jack, Aiden, and Daniel from...Read Full Story(ABC)Last week we witnessed the beginning of The Fall of Emily Thorne, and this week, we’re seeing the beginning of The Redemption of Conrad received quite the surprise a few weeks ago when stars Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr had an impromptu reunion, making our nostalgia-loving hearts swell. (Ah, doesn't it feel like it was just yesterday Max saved Liz's life in the Crashdown diner?! " Appleby captioned an adorable photo of the duo on Instagram. And there’s a lot to cover (as formal Hamptons events and new characters are apt to amp up the drama to the umpteenth degree) let’s hop right to it, hmm? Margaux’s father, Pascal Le Marchal, arrives on the scene and, um, he’s...pretty sexy. And aside from trying to force Conrad out of Voulez, as Margaux has...Read Full Story(ABC)Welcome back to the TV Boyfriend Smackdown!He played Jack Porter, who was essentially a beacon of light in the midst of all the dark things going on in The Hamptons.

"I was at the Science Center with my kids in Vancouver, and he just tapped me on the shoulder, and it took me a minute to realize it was him! "But would she want to take on the character of Liz again? "I think we all feel in some small way that we were cut short," he said.After a month spent on an undercover assignment, he returned in the previous episode only to find his spot on the unit had been filled by Hank Voight's (Jason Beghe) former protégé, Kenny Rixton (Nick Wechsler).Instead, Ruzek was assigned to uniform duty at another district — a disheartening turn of events.However, his fate changed in the final moments of Wednesday's episode when Rixton revealed that Ruzek's father had done him a favor on the force way back when and Rixton repaid it by leaving Intelligence so that Ruzek could tag back in.It was just the latest game of musical chairs up at District 21, after the departure of Roman (Brian Geraghty) in the season-three finale, Mouse's (Samuel Hunt) departure, Antonio's (Jon Seda) decision to move to the State's Attorney office and Burgess' (Marina Squerciati) promotion to Intelligence — the latter which was sent Ruzek running to a mysterious undercover assignment in the first place.

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Nick was a series regular on the show for all four seasons, with his character getting a happy ending with Emily Van Camp's Amanda Clarke.

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