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This is a re-post of my Valentine’s letter to my husband Keith. I miss watching you walk in the door at the end of a long day, walk towards me with that sure swagger and kissing me, and telling you missed me even if you had only been gone a few hours.

I loved how you never left the house without kissing me goodbye and telling me that you adored me.

He was thinking about how his mother would have reacted to his father meeting me before she met me. I realized that my mother has always met my boyfriends at a large family gathering where she would have to fight for a few words and a bit of attention from him. She would have Captain’s undivided attention and she was quite nervous.

In his mind it would have been an explosive moment. I almost thought that she might cancel at the last minute…she was that nervous.

You were the person who could calm me down with a simple hug and kiss, telling me that everything was going to be okay and I knew it would be. You had found this amazing mansion in Lake Tahoe right on the beach and rented it for Valentine’s Day weekend. As I cried because I felt our wedding day was ruined, you held me in your arms and told me that you would marry me in my pajamas, with no make up and with bed head hair.

This was about us and our start to our new life together, not how stunning I could look. We laughed and I hurried to get ready to be your bride.

James Thomas Formosa Betrayed - World News BTVRtv's Arthur Kade, Eye on the Bay Dating 101 Featuring Jeannine Kaiser.

Her passion is helping people break through the barriers that keep them from creating their ideal relationships. Jeannine Kaiser is available for interviews by calling 925/786-8538. The Meet Your Valentine Convention is sponsored by The Society of Single Professionals, the world’s largest non-profit organization.

The Meet Your Valentine Convention is a great opportunity to either meet your valentine at the event itself, or to devise a long-term strategy for meeting someone special.

During my Keynote I will reveal my 30 Secrets to Finding Love in 2012, including: – How one hour a week can greatly multiply your chances of finding love – The one subject you should NEVER talk about on a date – The two common mistakes women make that cause men to stop calling – Best Pickup Lines” Ms.

We were among the fortunate people who experienced that deep love, an amazing understanding of each other, that incredible respect and passion. I miss you calling me “my love.” I miss the cards and letters you would write me…just because.

I challenge you to look at your relationship and see why you fell in love with your husband or wife. God made love between us and it is the glue to any great relationship. Jeannine Kaiser Dearest Keith: Very few people meet and marry their soulmate. I miss how you would leave me phone messages during the day just to tell me that you were thinking of me.

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