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Here's a quick refresher of who's who in the mythical land of Westeros to bring yourself up to speed before the show's April 1 return. There are no more uncomfortable silences • You can approach someone you’re interested in with an unshakable confidence and without that invisible grip of fear or worry about approval or rejection • You’ve developed a strong sexual attraction from other guys because of your openness and intimacy • You are sympathetic and compassionate, yet firm and grounded in your interactions with guys you’re dating Learning to Master the “Inner Game” means not struggling with…• Maintaining your confidence and not becoming speechless with guys you think are totally hot • That blow to the gut when he says “lets just be friends” • Naturally exuding a strong and confident body language, without over-analyzing how you look • The awkwardness that can come from revealing your real, true, authentic self Learning to Master the “Inner Game” means not holding yourself back from dating because….So enthusiastic was the response to the book that Gooch began conducting workshops and, in the process, conceived Dating the Greek Gods as both a follow-up and a companion to the earlier book -- a self-help book designed as a sort of "advanced class" for readers of Finding the Boyfriend Within.Because of the conflicted reaction many gay men have to any discussion of religious spirituality, Gooch hit upon the idea of drawing on an older spiritual base -- that of Ancient Greece -- for examining and explaining his approach to achieving a higher understanding of self through spirituality.

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