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It is important for Expat Aid Workers to learn to use the Facebook status update function properly, as this is where the hierarchy of field-cred gets established.

For example, it is important to always appear jaded, cynical, melancholy, tired, or wasted.

The lyrics stress on how people these days have to use various proxy sites to access blocked sites in the country.

Numbers of school, college and university Girls are available at very humble prize. Cellular Phone is one of most used or abused bounty of modern science in Pakistan.

Who don’t know anything about Facebook but liking and sharing is done by them considering it a moral imperative.

The ratio between their shared posts and written posts is infinity (haha…possibly not but c’est la vie! His interests include Modern Physics, Literature, History.

The video is part of a youth initiative “Pakistan for All” against state censorship in the country and mainly focuses on the You Tube ban.

A few months earlier, a similar video circulated on social media which featured a You Tube mascot roaming around the streets of Karachi asking for hugs from those who want the popular video streaming site to be accessible again.

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