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While stars-gone-bad is not a new phenomenon, Disney’s sheltered teen flock trashing its squeaky-clean image faster than you can say M-I-C-K-E-Y — letting the world know they are sexual beings and unashamed to party.Recently, Disney has tried to provide more guidance to its young stars with classes focused on healthy living and social-media responsibility.I climbed giant boulders in my wooded backyard like Pocahontas and as a book nerd, I was pretty much desperate to own even one of the books in Belle's mansion-sized library. )And one time, I even dressed up my family dog as Ariel (yep, wig, tail and all ...she was very patient through my weirder costume-obsessed years as a kid).

One great way to save money while visiting Disneyland is to bring your own food and drinks! Disneyland actually ALLOWS you to bring in your own food and drinks to the park (as long as there is no alcohol or glass containers).Shhhh…Here is an AWESOME Disneyland secret your kids will LOVE!Did you know Disneyland offers some free souvenirs?You can get a variety of Disney themed snacks for a fraction of the cost you would pay in the park.Let’s face it, the rides at Disneyland are not the only things that look amazing! If you are looking for a few Disneyland snacks that are actually worth the splurge, check out this list from one of our favorite girls and designers, Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road!

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