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If I had a Dire Wolf, I would totally be a rapist catcher. Nothing says confidence like rolling up to the party with one of nature’s most ruthless killers and then having it sleep at the foot of your bed every night. Full Story No lie - I daydream about having a Dire Wolf (House Stark style) all the time.A blessing that led to his being typecast as the ideal of male beauty in Dorian Gray (for which he was also cruelly dubbed 'Britain's drippiest leading actor') as well as the Londoner's highest profile role to date: Prince Caspian, the chocolate-eyed, tweenage pin-up of the Chronicles Of Narnia franchise.'I had hair extensions, orange make-up and enormous armour to bulk me up,' insists Barnes, who, far from being the 'aren't I handsome?' swaggerer I'd imagined is, in fact, endearingly anxious to be liked and nervously keeps spilling tea on himself.'The skinny, pasty fool – that's my natural habitat.'It's certainly how you'd describe his role in his latest film, Killing Bono, an indie comedy based on rock critic Neil Mc Cormick's memoirs of trying, unsuccessfully, to become a global rock god, while being constantly tormented by the global success of his old school mate, Bono.'They wanted very much that Withnail doggedness and blind, flawed passion,' says Barnes, for whom the part fulfilled his own teen dreams of music stardom – he was in an urban boy band called Hyrise (cringe!) at Kingston University 'for about three minutes' before they were knocked out of the early Eurovision heats in 2004.'I was never very into U2 at school, though,' he admits.Like, practically living together as I understand it. And as promised, any time there are photos from the Misfits cast, I will be all over it. And it’s available now on Air Canada, at least it was when we flew Toronto to Frankfurt en route to Nice. Much better showing here than at the Met Gala last week with Pipple as her date…which brings us back to that theory: he can’t exist without being #1. My sources tell me he arrived in Vancouver on Sunday and has spent the last couple of days beginning pre-production, in meetings with local crews, and starting to scout locations in preparation to shoot in March which means, ugh, my city this Spring will be taken over by screaming Ass Light superfans and their equally, um, enthusiastic mothers.I have tried, several times, to care, even a little, about these two as a couple. Lately it’s been all Robert Sheehan as he promotes both A Turtle’s Tale and Killing Bono which, I don’t know if we’ll get here in North America, so you bitches over in the UK better appreciate how lucky you are. Look, all the episodes from the first 2 seasons are online. So I thought it had already opened in North America but now I’m not entirely sure since Ben Barnes was promoting it today in Spain. Full Story At the box office and on television, the young man quiveration factor came from the UK… Full Story For three nights during TIFF, Bonyan Films has sponsored parties at the Park Hyatt rooftop – always the hottest celebrity destination at the end of the night, attracting the likes of Kate Hudson, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Adrien Brody, pretty much every star who has come through the festival and a few super producers too.

You put on a perma-grin, which is so unnatural, and the lights make you squint. There's the frankly disconcerting experience of seeing your very own toy action figurine for the first time. Mine looked like a cross between Adrien Brody and Javier Bardem – but ill." There's the tireless and tiresome conveyor belt of press junkets and interviews."They take as much out of you as filming does", sniffs Barnes."I thought, 'it's only chatting, how hard can it be?'" As it turned out, the New York round of Prince Caspian promotion very nearly wiped this swashbuckling regent out: he did 90 interviews in one day, woke up the next with no voice and found he had to do 70 more, dosed up on a cocktail of vitamin C, honey and lemon, and Chinese potions. The film was called Prince Caspian, there was no hiding." Appearing on Jay Leno's sofa was a rare highlight. It's definitely the best interview I've done..." And then there are the fans, the prolifically letter-writing, largely female fans.Barnes spends "thousands of pounds" replying to the sacks of mail he receives each month.

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