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As her career continued to soar—in 1985, the Go-Go’s parted ways and Carlisle embarked on a successful solo career—Carlisle gained a new reason to torture herself.In the first rush of fame, the media often referred to Carlisle as “the chubby one” of the Go-Go’s—then took admiring note when she lost weight.Harley Street doctor Nyjon Eccles – who treated the "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" singer – believes that the product relieves an over-reaction in the sympathetic nervous system, which influences anxiety and sweating.Carlisle was “very sceptical” about the magnet, but it stopped her flushes, she said.“Within 48 hours, I went from having 30 to 40 hot flushes to having none at all.“He would only talk to my mom and she always hung up the phone in tears.” Despite those seeds of self-criticism that would later flower under the pressures of fame, Carlisle describes herself as a resilient child, “happy and outgoing.” She grew into a headstrong teenager who left home to immerse herself in the L. “When our debut album,, reached number one on the Billboard charts in 1981, I should have been savoring the band’s success,” Carlisle says.Instead, she was terrified she’d be exposed as a fake.She has recently had her first major London exhibition, 'Three Way Mirror', in which she showed her pictures of the female form.She now lives in London with her husband, Johann, and their two sons Belinda Carlisle, 40, began singing with the American girl-band the Go-Gos at the age of 17.

The three-day festival runs from August 11 to 13 and will feature live music acts across three major music stages and various other events for families.Fame didn’t make Carlisle feel better about herself, but she discovered something else that did—at least temporarily.“I found drugs numbed a lot of the pain I had been feeling since childhood,” she explains of the cycle of self-medicating and self-loathing she wouldn’t escape for decades.I would sweat so badly it would be visible on me and I had to get into the habit of taking a change of clothes with me because my blouse and jeans would be wet through.”The magnet manufacturer Lady Care says that that when more than 500 women tried it, 50 to 70 per cent reported reduced irritability and improved sleep, and more than a third said they had fewer hot flushes after a month of wearing the magnet day and night. After studying drama in London she took up photography, and was dubbed the new Cartier- Bresson by Charles Saatchi.

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I felt like the old Belinda again — in fact better than that,” she told the .“Before I started getting the menopausal symptoms, I had suffered with really bad PMS: really bad depression and I had no energy.”“It would happen each month and I was on Prozac on and off over the years.

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