Are ashley leggat and michael seater dating

She also performed the role of Clara in The Nutcracker at the Hamilton Place Theatre.Beginning in 2004, she appeared in the Disney feature film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen as Marcia, also starring Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox, the television movie A Very Married Christmas, with Joe Mantegna and Jean Smart and played series lead Kat Adams in Ace Lightning.Casey was originally upset about having to move to London, Ontario from Toronto, a much bigger city (as shown in the episode "How I Met Your Stepbrother"), for many reasons including Derek, but she eventually got over her own problems and agreed to move there for Nora and George's sake once she saw how much they cared for each other.

Leggat began her theatrical training with Theatre Aquarius's Performing Arts Program under the direction of Lou Zamprogna.Edwin then heads outside with Derek, who has announced he's going to Sam's (Kit Weyman) house.Casey nods off and doesn't see Derek and Edwin sneak back inside. She goes to the kitchen, and as she turns off the tap, the fridge door swings open.Or maybe they were cast into a part specifically because they were already dating/married.Sometimes it can come from a bad Actor Allusion if two people are playing a couple in a production when they had previously played family members or vice versa.

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